Oct. 7, 2020

How to Best Use Podcasts for Influence and Profit - BM240

How to Best Use Podcasts for Influence and Profit - BM240

Do you want to know how to use podcasts to skyrocket your influence as a thought leader? Listen as Annemarie Cross aka "The Podcasting Queen" shares her powerful tools and techniques to make your mark with with podcasts.

In this week's powerful podcast episode "How to Best Use Podcasts for Influence and Profit" you will discover...

  • How to get started with a podcast (and it's not about the tools and technology)!
  • Simple and effective ways to monetize your podcast
  • Why your first three episodes are critical to your success
  • How to bust common podcasting myths
  • The key message all non-fiction authors need to nail with a podcast
  • 3 important things you must know to harness your non-fiction book alongside a podcast
  • Why it's important to be mindful of the content you share
  • And a whole lot more…



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