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Excellent Information for Authors like Me!

I stumbled onto this podcast two weeks ago and I’m glad I did. Great info for beginning and seasoned authors. I’ve downloaded about twenty episodes and they are bite sized enough that I can go through a couple a day. Today I learned the value of press releases. I thought they were simply to get more media, but no, they benefit in other important ways. Listen to the podcast with Lynette Hoy to learn more. Carlyn Montes De Oca, Author, Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse

A one stop shop for help you did not even know you needed

I have been listening to this podcast since becoming an author. Susan is not only an incredible expert in the book marketing world, but the guests she chooses are just as knowledgeable. They share information I did not even know I needed. This is why I’m a regular on this show!

All the experts

From getting over the fear of selling to practical marketing techniques, the one-stop shop for book marketing.

Smart and Insightful

Susan Friedmann is the best kind of professional -- confident and at ease with her own sense of success, and very willing to share information and the insighits of other professionals who help her listeners write well, learn well and earn well. Her topics are timely and her interview subjects are of the highest caliber.

Informative and Insightful!

Susan, is an expert in her own right and her weekly guests dispense a wealth of practical information for authors. Her latest episode on making a good first impression is timely. It’s all about capturing the and keeping your audience’s attention during a virtual meetings for any type. Thank you Susan.

A great interviewer!

Susan Friedmann has vast expertise in book marketing but she always lets her guests share their wisdom. It was an absolute pleasure to engage with her on this content rich podcast!

A Go-To Resource for Authors

Susan Friedmann is an expert in helping authors of all genres cut through the noise and deliberately market their book to get the best results. Her podcast offers plenty of action-oriented tips and practices a novice or experienced author can put in place immediately. Her guest experts, facilitated by Susan herself, are true servants to the author community with their knowledge, wisdom and incredible willingness to share their journeys full of mistakes and successes for us to learn from. Listen now!

How to Make Your eBook a Best Seller

I loved this podcast. there was so much great information in it. I've been feeling a bit lost with writing my book and trying to figure out how to get it done and out there and the information that was shared in the podcast made me feel really good for the first time and now I know I'm on the right track. Thank you!!!

Make Your Ebook a Bestseller

Outstanding interview with Geoff Affleck. He hit the high points. Solid info! Thank you, Susan Friedman!

Excellent resources for authors!

I was honored to be interviewed and be able to share about my successful book launch where my book reached #1 in 3 Amazon categories. The information on this podcast is incredibly helpful for authors, especially self-published authors. I'll be listening to learn tips for my next book.

Book Marketing Mentors

I have received so much practical information and new ideas to help me market my book and establish an online presence. I highly recommend any soon to be author or established author to listen to these podcasts. Susan Friedman, the host asks all the right questions and is a great interviewer. Every week she interviews excellent guests who are professional experts in their field.

There's hope for me

As an author who is getting ready to publish for the first time, the information was practical and insightful. It reminded that marketing is up to me as a first timer and there is hope for first timers.


A wealth of information! Book Marketing Mentors’ podcasts have so much to offer. Regardless of the topic, there is always something to learn about enhancing the success of your business no matter what the business. Sound, practical and doable advice whether you are just starting out or in the throws of a full-blown business. Thank you Susan for a great platform to receive such valuable information!

Great and Actionable Ideas for Getting Your Book Known!

I love how practical these podcasts are. Susan Friedman, the host, is a good interviewer. And because she’s worked with so many actors, she knows exactly what we’re curious about AND exactly what we THINK we know, but are wrong about. So she’s assembled these experts who have many different ways in to the same goal: Get your book to the top of the pile for the people you’re writing for. I’m a definite fan.

Book Marketing Mentors

Really enjoying the guest speakers and hearing wonderful book marketing ideas. Just listened to the Mark Sanborn podcast and it was great. Thank you Susan Friedmann!