June 17, 2020

How to Best Organize a Successful Retreat - BM225

How to Best Organize a Successful Retreat - BM225

How do you best organize a successful retreat? Listen as "Superstar Activator," Michele Villalobos shares her proven strategies to make a meaningful difference in peoples' lives.

In this week's powerful podcast episode "How to Best Organize a Successful Retreat" you will discover ...

  • What makes a retreat an experience to entice people to take the next step to work with you
  • How 3 major components you need to know to adopt retreats into your author marketing platform
  • How to use retreats to take your message to a deeper and more meaningful level
  • How to turn a live retreat into a virtual event without losing the magic of the in-person experience
  • How to transfer your message in a way that can make a significant difference in peoples' lives.
  • A universal mistake people make when organizing both in-person and virtual events
  • And a whole lot more...


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