May 24, 2023

How to Best Succeed in Crowdfunding Your Book - BM371

How to Best Succeed in Crowdfunding Your Book - BM371
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Do you want to know how to succeed in crowdfunding your book?
Get insider tips on crowdfunding for authors from two industry experts - Victoria Bennett, founder of the Crowdfunding Hub, and Charmaine Hammond, an 11-time bestselling author, and award-winning film executive producer. 

In this powerful interview, Victoria and Charmaine dive into the benefits of crowdfunding for authors, such as building a community, conducting market research, and generating buzz through pre-selling your book. 

Learn the importance of niche marketing and effective planning, as well as how to choose the right crowdfunding platform and create engaging content for a successful campaign. 

If you're interested in funding for your next book project, this interview is chockfull of invaluable advice to make your book dreams a reality!

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