March 25, 2020

How To Create Your Dream Business and Lifestyle - BM213

How To Create Your Dream Business and Lifestyle - BM213

What does it take to create your dream business and lifestyle? Listen as serial entrepreneur, Captain Jim Palmer shares his wisdom and experience to create more of what you want less of what you don't want.

In this week's powerful podcast episode "How To Create Your Dream Business and Lifestyle" you will discover ...

  • How to get crystal clear on what your dream lifestyle looks like
  • Jim's special four pillars of success
  • The essential ingredient most people don't talk about but yet it could be their secret to success
  • What stands in the way of us getting projects completed and jeopardizing our own success
  • What Jim teaches his workshop participants about mindset
  • The one mindset tool that all successful entrepreneurs put into practice
  • Common mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them
  • And a whole lot more...


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