Feb. 3, 2021

How to Best Create a Screenplay with Your Book - BM258

How to Best Create a Screenplay with Your Book - BM258

Want to know how to best create a screenplay with your book? Listen as movie muse, Susie Schaefer shares the nuts and bolts of screenplay writing to take your book to a whole new level of success.

In this week's powerful episode "How to Best Create a Screenplay with Your Book" you will discover...

  • What you need to know about getting started writing a screenplay for your fiction and non-fiction book
  • Why and how to shift your mindset when writing a screenplay
  • The maximum number of pages in a screenplay
  • How to take what's most relevant in your book to develop the story arc
  • What research you must do to find the right production company to approach with your project
  • Some important guidelines to consider when working with a production company
  • Big mistakes to avoid
  • And a whole lot more...


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