Sept. 16, 2020

How to Best Promote Your Expertise and Sell Books - BM237

How to Best Promote Your Expertise and Sell Books - BM237

Sell books! If this is what you want to do, then you absolutely "must" listen to this powerful podcast episode. Dr. Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd shares tips and tricks to best connect with your tribe as a thought leader and expert authority.

In this week's powerful podcast episode " How to Best Promote Your Expertise and Sell Books" you will discover...

  • Why authors block the whole idea of marketing their book
  • The best ways to disseminate all the tiny ideas locked up in your book (and jell new ones!)
  • Controversial ideas about Amazon bestseller status
  • Why authors are disappointed with Amazon and bookstores
  • Tips and techniques to promote your book virtually
  • Book marketing screw-ups to avoid (you need to know these!)
  • When you no longer need to market or promote your book
  • And a whole lot more…


Help Needed:

I’m planning to create an online course on “How to make money with your book” for "non-fiction authors.”

I’m looking for authors who “have a problem getting visibility in their market” and want to get "recognized for their expertise."

I need 20 people to do a quick 15-20 minute market research with me on Zoom (audio only).If you are willing to help with this quick market research please schedule your session here.


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